New design for Season Pages

I have been working on an updated design on for a while now.  The next version will be a simplified version of what you see now – with larger / bolder fonts with the content you’re looking for more prominately displayed.

New Seasons Page

With the rise of  Web 2.0 sites such as Twitter and facebook users are looking for specific information without a lot of clutter and hassle.  over the next few months I will try to better display the most useful information on the pages.  I’m starting with the Seasons page.  when you click on a Season from the Yearly Results page it will take you to a Schedule and Results page for that year.  So far I have added a logo for the opponent, increased the font size, condensed the score for both teams into one column.  I am thinking about removing the “+/-” column (reply if you have an opinion) that shows how much we won or lost by.

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