1907 Razorback season discrepancies

During the early years of Razorback football there are quite a few discrepancies between the Arkansas media guides and that of the schools we played.  1907 has more than any other year… EVERY GAME we played that year, I believe is recorded incorrectly in the Arkansas Razorback Media Guide.  Here is a break down of the season.

Game 1:

What Arkansas says happened: The Arkansas Media Guide says our first game of the year was played on October 5th vs Haskell.

What Actually happened: Arkansas played Haskell on September 28, 1907.

The reasons I know the Media Guide is wrong:

  1. The Arkansas Democrat published an article on Monday, September 30th with a summary of the game which they say was played on “Saturday”  The Saturday before September 30th would have been September 28, 1907.
  2. The 1907 Arkansas Yearbook’s September calendar has this entry “28th – Arkansas vs. Haskell – 0 to 0.
  3. The Arkansas Democrat published an article on October 6th with information about a game between Arkansas and Ottawa University which was scheduled to be played on 10/5/1907 but canceled at the last minute.  It’s safe to say we didn’t have had two games scheduled for the same day.
Game 2:
What Arkansas says happened:  The Arkansas Media Guide (as of 2008) says Arkansas played Drury on October 12, 1907.
What Actually happened:  Arkansas played Drury on October 7th as a last minute addition after Ottowa canceled a schedule game with us on October 5th.

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