Razorbacks – Media Day

The Hogs end their first week of practice this morning with Arkansas Media Day inside Razorback Stadium.  The Players voted on team captains this year.  The captains on offense are:  Michael Smith, Ryan Mallet and Jamarcus Love.  On defense:  Wendell Davis, Adrian Davis, and Marcus Shepherd.

Here are a few quotes from Coach Petrino.

On team speed:  “We are faster than what we were.  that is a result of the strength and conditioning program in place.  Players are learning how to train properly for the first time, concentrate on one sport.” 
On the O-Line:  “The most important thing we have to do on the offensive front is to solidify who the center is… we don’t have to make the decision until Friday before the opener.”
On the secondary:  “These guys that are coming in have great talent and they wanna play so there will be great competition in there.”
On the defense:  “We need to be a lot better.  Ya know.  That’s the bottom line.  We need to be better.  I think they’re very motivated.  I think when you saw the first two practices, they’re practicing with more confidence, more understanding on what they have to do, so they’re playing faster…”
On Pass Completion %:  100% would be great”  “If were doing and executing, and doing things right, were going to break Kevin Scanlon’s record on completion percentage.”  “Around 68-70%, that means that you’re executing and doing things right.”  “…at a function down in Little Rock with Kevin Scanlon, and he told me he still holds the record for completion percentage so we’re… we’re searching to beat it.”
The John L. Smith Factor:  “I expect us to be a lot better in special teams.  It’s all on him *Slams fist on table*  put it all on Smitty…  He’s helped our staff a lot”

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