BREAKING NEWS: Crew from Florida Game Suspended

secThe officiating crew from the Arkansas vs Florida game has been suspended through November 14th.

I like to think the information that was first posted on Hog Database may have helped add to the pressure.  We first reported that the crew from the Georgia vs LSU game was the same that officiated the Arkansas vs Florida game over the weekend.  Bobby Petrino was alerted of this fact during the Wednesday SEC Teleconference (listen), and I’m betting he may have made an extra call to Slive after hearing about crew’s past.

Quote from SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

“The entire crew shoulders responsibility for each play. I have taken this action because there must be accountability in our officiating program,”

“Our institutions expect the highest level of officiating in all of our sports and it is the duty of the conference office to uphold that expectation.

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