Today is the deadline to “RSVP” with your “Letter of Intent”

Your Razorback Football Ticket “Letter of Intent” for the 2011 season is due Tuesday (March 1, 2011) at the Arkansas ticket office. If you’re like me and like to keep things interesting you can head over there during your lunch hour, or slide it between the doors as they lock-up at 4:30. If you’re not local and haven’t mailed in your “letter of Intent” I guess you’re screwed. Maybe… I’m sure your donor level might help you out in this situation.

Letters of Intent were mailed out in early January. After you return yours and they’re processed the Athletic Department will start mailing Appointment letters on March 17th. The Appointment letter will have the date and time that you’ll be able to login to the RSVP website to order your tickets. You can also call the ticket office after your appointment date at 1-800-982-HOGS, press 2 for the RSVP line. Hopefully they’ll “Answer the Call” instead of forwarding you to the “We’re busy, call back later” message they had yesterday… Anyway, your appointment date will be Based on donor classification (Broyles-Matthews, Super Hog, Arm & Leg, etc), amount pledged to the football annual fund, and total lifetime giving.

Let’s recap: By May you will have sent in your “Letter of Intent” (March 1st), You’ll have received your “Appointment Letter” (March 17th ish), but you’ll still need to reserve your tickets and fork over the dough before the May 31st deadline. June 1st your 50 yard-line seats will be lost forever.  That’s right… That bazillion dollars great-granddad donated back in ‘68 will mean nothing if you don’t follow these simple steps to renew your tickets. When they’re gone, they’re gone, and you’ll have to find another way to show your peers that you’re THE Razorback super-fan.

Pledges are due June 30th. If you’re not sure how much you’ll need to donate to keep your seats refer to the handy-dandy seating chart below.

If you have questions you might want to call the athletic department (1-800-982-HOGS) ASAP. You can also checkout the official RSVP website:

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