Mallett to Patriots: Good Move?

Ryan Mallett

As everyone is well-aware by now, Ryan has gone to the Patriots with the 74th pick in the 3rd round. With this, many questions have arisen surrounding his future as the playcaller in New England.

Ian Rapoport (Boston Herald) recently sat down with Coach Petrino to discuss Mallett’s time at Arkansas. What he found out may come as a surprise to many.

Petrino has a history with Tom Coughlin as they were both in Jacksonville coaching for the Jaguars. Tom Coughlin and Bill Bellichick (Patriots coach) both coached under Bill Parcells. The point? Petrino’s playcalling is almost exactly identical to the offense that is run by the Patriots.

Petrino told Rapoport, “I heard (Tom) Brady call the play on TV the other day: 136 Dual Y Choice. That’s the exact same way we would call that play.”

This is a huge opportunity for Mallett to step into an important role. As Tom Brady ages (will turn 34 soon), a new playcaller will be necessary to take over from the Super Bowl-winning QB. With strong understanding from his background with Arkansas, Mallett has become the immediate favorite to become successor to the throne in New England.


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