AH! Summer in Arkansas! The never ending onslaught of mosquitos, temperatures into the triple digits, and humidity that slaps you in the face everytime you open your front door. Could you think of a better state to be a citizen in for the summer months than Arkansas? I sure can’t! And summer is an excellent time to be a college sports fan if your team is the Arkansas Razorbacks!

I think heading into and getting through these Arkansas summer months with no big college sporting events to talk about is difficult as college sports fans. There are only a select few things happening that draw our attention to the college sports world such as Baseball and the Road to Omaha, and that is about it. However, is boring down time as Razorback fans a good thing, or a bad thing?

If you are still searching for the answer, let me help you out a little bit, the answer is BOTH! I bet you saw that one coming a mile away! But this summer is going to be crazy boring yet exciting all at the same time. “How can that be?” you ask? The solution is very simple actually. Let’s take a closer look at the Arkansas Razorbacks’ summer months.

Ok, so from May until August the only sport that is in full swing is Razorback Baseball. And this is a great time to be a Diamond Hog fan. The Hogs are nationally ranked #18 and rising after a 2-1 series win over the #4 Florida Gators. They have 6 games left to be played. If they can pull series wins in these last games then the Hogs will be looking at hosting another Regional for the NCAA Tournament and having HOME FIELD advantage for all of Round #1. Talk about a big deal. The Hogs need to keep things going and stay dialed in so they can make this happen!

But, the Diamond Hogs don’t play everyday and don’t get much press surrounding each game since it is a best of 3 kind of schedule. So, what else is there to talk about in the Razorback sporting world? ……………………….. Ok, I got nothing, what about you?

EXACTLY! There is nothing else really going on. And this, is a good and a bad thing. WHAT?? That’s right! It is good because with the Football and Basketball teams, there are no crazy coaching scandals, no pay for play ordeals, and no other major drama! The only real news that might come up during the summer are player arrests or citations. NOW, it is good to be a Hog Fan! No major drama on The Hill! Ohio State is getting pounded for the Tressel issues, Auburn is getting pounded with pay for play accusations, other colleges are stressing about finding coaches and other colleges are stressing about keeping theirs. The Razorback Coaching staff is doing a fantastic job keeping the players’ heads screwed on tightly and suring up any loose ends that might give National Media blood dogs a sniff and chance to pounce.

So, my fellow Hog Fans, enjoy these boring months with nothing major going on!! Enjoy going to a Diamond Hogs game and cheering them on knowing they are our only hope for an excuse to give the wife/girlfriend to stay inside in the A/C and avoid yard work in the triple degree heat, getting eaten alive by the mosquitos as you push the mower over grass that is just going to die in 4 months anway! So do everything you can to stay inside and enjoy a nice big, ice cold pitcher of lemonade. It is a good time to be a Hog fan. Savor these summer months that will painfully, slowly, creep by.


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Avid Hog Fan and sports buff!