OSU’s Jim Tressel Steps Down as Head Coach of Buckeyes

Today, Jim Tressel has resigned his post as Head Coach of Ohio State. This comes on the heels of numerous NCAA and FBI investigations involving the athletes at OSU. Co-DC and LB coach Luke Fickell will serve as interim head coach during 2011 season.

Tressel “Our rules are as good as they possibly can be”

In December, the NCAA handed out numerous penalties to OSU players regarding exchanging OSU memorabilia for free/discounted tattoos. The “OSU Five” were suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, but were still allowed to play in Sugar Bowl. Not long after the Sugar Bowl, SportsbyBrooks.com released Emails showing that Jim Tressel knew of improprieties involving his players.

Tressel responds to emails “We get lots of emails”

Last month, it was made known that OSU players had been receiving cars from a used car salesman in Columbus. In return, the salesman received tickets and memorabilia for his trouble. Even more damning is that the OSU compliance office directed athletes to the salesman when asked about help procuring a vehicle.

It was found out that, not only did Tressel know about compliance issues with the NCAA, he purposely covered them up.His resignation comes a day before Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Dohrmann releases an article for Sports Illustrated. Dohrmann’s investigative journalism is supposed to track Tressel’s cheating ways all the way back to his days at Youngstown State.

Tressel’s last victory came against Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith explains Tressel resignation

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