Ohio State Self-Imposes Sanctions

Ohio State has decided to vacate its wins from the 2010 Football season. And yes Hog fans, this includes the 2011 Sugar Bowl victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks. They also have vacated their share of the Big Ten championship. Arkansas still takes credit for a loss in the Sugar Bowl, but Ohio State doesn’t get credit for the win. This also ends their 7-game win streak over rival Michigan. So there are some seemingly important “*” marks on the records now.

To add to the sanctions, Ohio State has also placed its Football team on probation for 2 years. This means that if any other compliance issues are found during the NCAA investigation, stiffer penalties could be imposed on the Buckeyes.

Ex-Head Coach Jim Tressel has said that he will take responsibility for the NCAA investigation on the school. He will be at the Ohio State hearing on Aug. 12 with the NCAA infractions committee.

The Buckeyes are waiving Jim Tressel’s $250,000 fine and changing his status from “resigned” to “retired”.

Now, these self imposed sanctions don’t get Ohio State out of the woods just yet. The Infractions Committee could deem that harsher punishment is necessary and possibly ban Ohio State from post-season play or maybe even reduce the number of allowed scholarships. The rulings and discoveries on the investigation into Ohio State should be announced during the their hearing on Aug. 12.

If Ohio State thinks that it is necessary to vacate all of its wins for an entire season to hopefully lessen their punishment from the infractions committee, something big must be going on. All we can do is wait for the Aug. 12 hearing to be concluded to find out the extent of the “cheating” that has been prevalent at OSU and given them their black eye.


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