Hogs Choose Team Captains

Six Razorback Football players have been chosen as team captains for the 2011-2012 season as was announced by Head Coach Bobby Petrino Thursday, August 4. The team captains are voted on by the entire Razorback team.

The 6 team captains chosen were Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis, Jarius Wright, Jake Bequette, Jerry Franklin, and Jerico Nelson. That makes 3 from the offensive side (Wilson, Davis, and Wright), and 3 from the defensive side (Bequette, Franklin, and Nelson).

These players had important roles in getting Arkansas to the Sugar Bowl last year. The only question mark about play-making ability is Tyler Wilson, but all doubt on him should be erased when Hog Fans think back to the Auburn game last year. Mallett gets knocked out of the game and Wilson comes in and has a spectacular game to keep it close down to the final few minutes. Wilson will be able to really take control of games and lead the Razorback offense when the receivers are mainly catching passes from him and he gets to be the leader on offense. Plus, with the supporting cast around him, it makes it difficult to NOT get excited abou the upcoming season.

On the defensive side of the ball, all 3 team captains are returning starters. And each of the 3 played HUGE roles on defense. With Bequette disrupting the line, Franklin guarding the middle, and Nelson prowling down field, offenses should have some trouble moving the ball on this Hog defense. The Razoback D made a HUGE jump from the bottom of the conference 2 years ago to the middle of the pack last year, they are poised to have a great season and hopfully lead the SEC on the defensive AND offensive side of the ball.

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