Knile Davis Injured, Carted Off The Field (Twitter Feed)

SI Cover released today...

UPDATED: Thu Aug 11 11:20 PM – Arkansas RB Knile Davis was injured this evening during a scrimmage inside Razorback Stadium. Knile Davis has been picked by many as a strong contender for the Heisman Trophy this season. Most recently, he was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated SEC Preview.

Davis became the starting Running Back for the Hogs a few games into the 2010 season and went on to lead the SEC in rushing with 1,322 yards and 13 touchdowns. Davis’ boost to the running game along with the arm of Ryan Mallet helped lead the Razorbacks to their first ever BCS Bowl game. Prior to taking over the starting RB spot last season Davis had been sharing time with Ronnie Wingo and Dennis Johnson.

News hit twitter of his injury at about 6:15pm… This is a developing story and we’ll keep you updated with the latest tweets as they come in.

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The official Razorback feed reminds you that you can now buy Basketball tickets. I’m sure the timing was just a coincidence…

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Did we mention that it looks like Texas A&M is headed to the SEC?

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I’m not sure why or how a Bama fan would have better info than the AR Media, but…

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Things aren’t looking good…

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