SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

This week provides a lot of movement in the back of the SEC yet again. Alabama handles Arkansas perfectly at home, while LSU stomps West Virginia on the road.

Here are our 4th week’s ballot.  Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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1. LSU Tigers

LSU keeps rolling with its defense. Dominates West Virginia throughout entire game.

Last Week:  LSU 47 West Virginia 21

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama came to take advantage of any mistake Arkansas was made. Also held Arkansas to 17 rushing yards on the game.

Last Week: Alabama 38 Arkansas 14

3. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas gives up 2 Special Team TDs and a Tyler Wilson INT for TD. Mistakes galore as Arkansas’s young Oline is unable to keep up with more experienced Bama D.

Last Week: Arkansas 14 Alabama 38


4. Florida Gators

Rainey is all you need to know about Florida. Still ready to see actual competition.

 Last Week:  Florida 48 Kentucky 10


5. South Carolina Gamecocks

USC imposes its will upon Vanderbilt. Score was low but domination was not.

Last Week: South Carolina 21 Vanderbilt 3


6. Auburn Tigers

Auburn Total Offense: 315 yards

FAU Total Offense: 307 yards

Auburn’s offense struggles two weeks in a row. Their defense has yet to show in 2 seasons. I would be worried if I was an AU fan.

Last Week: Auburn 30 FAU 14

7. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Miss St. has to take LA Tech to OT in order to win.

Last Week: Mississippi St. 26 LA Tech 20


8. Tennessee Volunteers

Off week

Last Week: Bye


9. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt was only able to muster  77 total yards against South Carolina.

Last Week: Vanderbilt 3 South Carolina  21



10. Georgia Bulldogs


Georgia struggled in the Unemployment Bowl, but came out victorious.


Last Week: Georgia 27 Ole Miss 14

11. Kentucky Wildcats

25 losses in a row to Florida. Enough said.
Last Week: Kentucky 10 Florida 48

12 Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Ackbars

Ole Miss bounces back to a decent….loss?

Last Week: Ole Miss 14 Georgia 27

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