SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 6

This week the SEC rankings readjust for dominating performances by Arkansas, LSU, and South Carolina. Georgia quietly sneaks up into first place tie with South Carolina? The SEC East is a very confusing division this year. Noone has proven themselves as the most dominate East team yet.

Here are our 6th week’s ballot.  Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama keeps rolling. If only football was a chess match, then Vanderbilt would have had a chance.

Last Week:  Alabama 34 Vanderbilt 0


2. LSU Tigers

LSU gets the leftovers of Florida. Should keep Florida’s media bias at bay for AT LEAST a couple of weeks

Last Week: LSU 41 Florida 11


3. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas thoroughly dominates Auburn en-route to a decisive win. Tyler Wilson has another historical night, this time completing 18 STRAIGHT PASSES, which is good for 3rd All-Time in SEC History.

Last Week: Arkansas 38 Auburn 14


4. South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina comes out strong after losing miserably last week. Is the East’s last hope for success this season.

Last Week:  South Carolina 54 Kentucky 3


5. Auburn Tigers

Auburn tried everything against Arkansas but was overmatched all game. Dyer went home disappointed. No bonus check this weekend.

Last Week: Auburn 14 Arkansas 38


6. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia is quietly tied for first place in the East……interesting year for East division

Last Week: Georgia 20 Tennessee 12


7. Florida Gators

Florida was thrown to the Tigers this weekend and results were same. Florida was once again exposed from its media bias.

Last Week: Florida 11 LSU 41


8. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State gets an “off week” as they struggle to beat UAB. Chris Relf was replaced by Tyler Russell who helped lead Miss St to a win through the air.

Last Week: Mississippi State 21 UAB 3


9. Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee critics are already calling for Dooley’s head in his second season as Vol’s Head Coach. They will never get a coach with the horrible decision-making they have made over last 5 years (fired Fulmer, hired Kiffin, hired LA Tech coach).

Last Week: Tennessee 12 Georgia  20


10. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt stood no chance against Alabama.

Last Week:  Vanderbilt 0 Alabama 34


11. Kentucky Wildcats

Another embarrassing loss for the bottom of the SEC. Sadly, Kentucky fans only care about basketball.
Last Week: Kentucky 3 South Carolina 54


12 Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Ackbars

Figured Ole Miss would find a way to lose this weekend. Was thoroughly disappointed.

Last Week: Bye

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