SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 8

This week, the SEC had a ton of bye weeks. South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi St were all on bye weeks this weekend.

Here are our 8th week’s ballot.  Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Is it November 5th yet?

Last Week:  Alabama 37 Tennessee 6


2. LSU Tigers

First, Jordan Jefferson doesn’t know who Thomas Jefferson is. Now, the Stoned Honey Badger gets caught with Synthetic Weed. What’s next? Les Miles has a secret hidden stash of great grass clippings?

Last Week: LSU 45 Auburn 10


3. Arkansas Razorbacks

Hi,  Dennis Johnson. Nice to meet you. Where have you been?

Last Week: Arkansas 29, Ole Miss 24


4. Auburn Tigers

Auburn may have lost, but they are still better than the SEC LEast.

Last Week: Auburn 10 LSU 45


5. Georgia Bulldogs


Last Week: Bye


6. South Carolina Gamecocks


Last Week:  Bye

7. Florida Gators


Last Week: Bye


8. Mississippi State Bulldogs


Last Week: Bye


9. Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee actually held its own for a while against Bama. That was until Saban decided to finally step on the Vols throat and score some points.

Last Week: Tennessee 6 Alabama 37


10. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt RB Zac Stacey ran all over Army. He had career highs with 198 rushing yards and 3 TDs. Jordan Rodgers (Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers bro), also started for the first time this season.

Last Week:  Vanderbilt 44 Army 21



11. Kentucky Wildcats


Kentucky did what noone else in the SEC could do….they beat Jacksonville St.


Last Week: Kentucky 38 Jacksonville St. 14


12 Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Ackbars

Houston Nutt’s Super Derp Bowl couldn’t be more obvious this year. In his last 5 years he has beaten #1 LSU (National Champions) – 2007, #4 Florida (National Champions) – 2008, and #8 LSU – 2009. In his last two years, his upsets have almost beaten #5 LSU – 2010 and this weekend.


Last Week: Ole Miss 24 Arkansas 29



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