Big East Falls Apart with West Virginia to Big 12; Missouri Withdraws, Move Imminent.

As of this morning, multiple sources across the nation have confirmed are starting to confirm West Virginia’s inclusion into the Big 12 after Missouri detracted from the conference less than 2 days ago.

The Big 12 has publicly ridiculed Missouri for the past month. They have publishized their laughter towards Missouri moving with announced plans of expanding with other teams like West Virginia.

This move for West Virginia also prescribes the end of the Big East as a major automatic qualifying conference for the BCS. Earlier this month, the Big East lost Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC. They will no longer receive an automatic bid in the BCS bowl system.

The conference realignments were imminent this year with the BCS contract coming to an end after this season. At the conclusion of the BCS contract, conference strength will be re-analyzed to remove/add any BCS automatic qualifying conferences as well as change rules.

UPDATE: A Press Conference with the Big 12 is set up for tomorrow. Time to be announced.

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