Breakdown: Arkansas in the Polls – Week 10

It’s taken a few close calls, but Arkansas is 7-1 going into the final four games of the season. With Kansas State and Clemson both losing Saturday Hog Fans expect the polls to do what we all thought they would last week… Move the Razorbacks closer to #1.

The AP and Coaches poll both kept Arkansas at #8. Clemson dropped to 11/12 after their loss, but Oklahoma jumped the Hogs in both polls.

Where do you think the Razorbacks will end up in the BCS Poll? Do you think we’ll be penalized for the close win over a lesser opponent like we were did last week?

Rank BCS Poll AP Poll Coaches Poll
2  Alabama  Alabama Alabama
3  Oklahoma State  Oklahoma State Stanford
4  Stanford  Stanford Oklahoma State
5  Boise State  Boise State Boise State
6  Oklahoma  Oregon Oregon
7  Arkansas  Oklahoma Oklahoma
8  Oregon  Arkansas Arkansas
9  South Carolina  Nebraska Nebraska
10  Nebraska  South Carolina South Carolina
11  Clemson  Clemson Virginia Tech
12  Virginia Tech  Virginia Tech Clemson
13  Houston  Michigan Michigan
14  Kansas State  Houston Houston
15  Michigan  Michigan State Penn State
16  Penn State  Penn State Michigan State
17  Michigan State  Kansas State Wisconsin
18  Georgia  Georgia Arizona State
19  Arizona State  Wisconsin Kansas State
20  Wisconsin  Arizona State Georgia
21  Texas  USC West Virginia
22  Auburn  Georgia Tech Cincinnati
23  Georgia Tech  Cincinnati Georgia Tech
24 West Virginia  West Virginia Southern Miss
25  Southern Miss  Auburn Texas

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