“I was wrong. I thought he had the ball.” SEC Suspends Wade

After getting a lot of national attention over the weekend the SEC ruled this afternoon that Freshman Arkansas receiver Marquel Wade would have to sit-out this Saturday. The #7 Razorbacks will host #9 South Carolina making this game the second season in a row that Razorback Stadium will host a top-ten matchup (after a 30 year drought.)

Initially I was upset at Wade for the hit and I made sure everyone on twitter knew…

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After watching the video of the play a few times then hearing the  explanation and apology that Wade personally gave to the media on Monday I wondered if the crew (yes THAT crew) had acted more based on the crowd reaction than the actual play. Still, it all happened quickly and can’t disagree with the ejection. When Wade’s comments came out on Monday I thought he came across as sincere and I believe him…

“I really want to apologize to any embarrassment to the fans. … I messed up. I take the rep for it, everything I did,[@]” Wade said.

“I was wrong. I thought he had the ball.[@]”

Which brings us back to the ruling today…

Why suspend him for another game after sitting out a half last weekend. Especially considering the punishment lack of punishment given to SEC players in the past.

Let’s look at a few examples…

  • The entire offensive line at “chop block” Auburn over the past 10 years.
  • Not to pick on Auburn, but come on… Nick Fairley.

What do you think about the suspension? Is it too harsh?

If so join me on twitter to make sure the SEC knows how we feel.


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