SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 11

SEC standings have pretty much settled into place as we head into the final two games of the season.

Here are our 11th week’s ballot.  Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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1. LSU Tigers

LSU got off to a slow start only leading 14-7 at halftime. LSU even gave up a safety.

Last Week: LSU 49, WKU 9

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Bama came out slow after their devastating loss last week.

Last Week:  Alabama 24, Miss St 7

3. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas hands Tennessee their worst lost since 1981 which is also their 3rd-worst loss in history of program.

Last Week: Arkansas 49 Tennessee 7


4. Georgia Bulldogs

Somehow, Georgia will clinch the SEC LEast this weekend if they win.

Last Week: Georgia 45 Auburn 7


5. Auburn Tigers

Dyer was horrible. 13 carries 46 yards.

Last Week: Auburn 7 Georgia 45


6. South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina sneaks past Florida while Conner Shaw is hurt again. Will Spurrier turn the hit in against Shaw to the SEC?

Last Week:  South Carolina 17 Florida 12

7. Florida Gators

HOORAY FOR FIELD GOALS. Worst SEC record since 1979.

Last Week: Florida 12 South Carolina 17


8. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State still can’t figure out what they want to do. Horrible mess that Mullen has created.

Last Week: Mississippi St 7 Alabama 24


9. Vanderbilt Commodores

James Franklin win the first meeting of two black coaches in SEC history.

Last Week:  Vanderbilt 38 Kentucky 8


10. Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee put up a good fight…..until they turned over the ball on their first 6-min drive.

Last Week: Tennessee 7 Arkansas 49


11. Kentucky Wildcats

Is Joker Phillips going to be coaching at this time next season?

Last Week: Kentucky 8 Vanderbilt 38

12 Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Ackbars

Apparently, La Tech “loved that helmet” more than Ole Miss did.

Last Week: Ole Miss  7 Louisiana Tech for Blind and Deaf 27




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