BCS Madness: Rising Arkansas and Falling Alabama

As the season draws to a close, fans are starting to draw out ideas for BCS three-way tiebreakers. Sadly, logic is failing many of those who seem to feel that the Razorbacks will/should be left out. Let us begin the LSU/Alabama/Arkansas analysis.


LSU has easily been the strongest of the three teams throughout the entire season. After wins over Oregon, WVU, and Alabama, LSU is in the driver’s seat for a National Title. Why should LSU drop below Alabama IF they have one  loss on their schedule?

LSU has gained all first place votes in the AP poll for the first time since 2008. If LSU was to lose another game, the logical thought would be to drop BOTH LSU and Alabama. I will return to this thought later in this article.


Alabama fans are cheering on Arkansas and for good reasons. For the second season in a row, Bama finds themselves right next to Arkansas awaiting the falling of LSU. However, if LSU was to lose, why should Alabama benefit from losing late?

Alabama has lost at home this season. They also had a duo of kickers that missed a total of FOUR field goals in the LSU game. Last week, during the Mississippi State game Bama kickers also missed TWO MORE FGs.

Alabama had the easiest schedule between LSU and Arkansas. Lucky for them, they had both teams in Tuscaloosa, only one of which they won.


Arkansas finds itself on a 7-game win streak while posting the first back-to-back winning SEC records in program history(19 years). After a win against Mississippi State, Arkansas has won 11 straight home games which is the 2nd longest home win streak in the SEC only to LSU’s 17.

This is also only the 3rd time in Arkansas history that they have posted back-to-back 10-win seasons. Frank Broyles led Arkansas to a National Championship and an undefeated record in 1964 while also leading the Hogs to 10+ wins in 1965. Ken Hatfield also led Arkansas to double-digit win seasons in 1988-1989.

Arkansas did lose to Alabama. However, this loss was over 2 months ago. Since then, Arkansas has meshed well enough to rattle off 7 straight wins while quietly awaiting the final showdown of the year.

Arkansas also has the toughest road out of all three teams, having to travel on the road both to Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge. If Arkansas pulls off a win, they deserve it more than both Alabama and LSU.

Home Win Streaks:

LSU 17
Arkansas 11
Alabama 1

Win Streaks
LSU 12 (Last loss was to Arkansas)
Arkansas 7 (Last loss was to Alabama)
Alabama 2 (Last loss was to LSU)


Arkansas and LSU both find themselves with the longest home win streaks in the SEC. If LSU was to lose, Arkansas would be holding the longest home win streak as well as the longest win streak PERIOD out of all other SEC teams. Arkansas will also be the only team not to have lost at home this season. A logical mind could say that Arkansas should be leading the pack if they win out. A logical mind should also realize that LSU should NOT fall below Alabama with a very late head-to-head matchup.

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Arkansas born and bred. Season Ticket Holder for 12 Years. I am an Arkansas Alum that received an undergraduate and graduate degree for Information Systems.