Arkansas vs Mississippi State: History says we’ll lose

Arkansas and Mississippi State have played each other 22 times throughout history and the Hogs have dominated the series with a .705 win percentage. in fact, since joining the SEC Arkansas has only lost four games (15-4-1) against Miss. State. Unfortunately for the Hogs, History says Mississippi State will beat Arkansas this weekend.

Hog fans can typically write in a W on the schedule next to the bulldogs at the beginning of the season, but when you dig into the history of the series you find one glaring fact… No first-year coach at Arkansas has ever beaten Mississippi State. You may read that and ask:

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No, he didn’t.

Neither did Houston Nutt. Remember in 1998 he lead the hogs to a 8-0 start before you know what happened.

That’s still tough to watch.

Before Houston Nutt was of course Danny Ford, and it doesn’t take a scientific rocket to tell you what happened when he first played in the land of cowbells. Well, I’ll give you a hint. It didn’t start with a “w.” To his credit, Danny faired better  (probably the ring) than other Arkansas coaches against the Bulldogs in his first season… He TIED. The 13-13 game was also the last tie in Razorback history.

And of course you probably see the trend here… Interim coach Joe Kines lost 3-10 in 1992.

Maybe when Jeff Long interviews candidates he should ask if they can beat Mississippi State.

So. Will history repeat it’s self this Saturday?



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