Rotnei Clarke: Leaving with Class?

As time continues and more facts are made known, the overlying question is: did Rotnei Clarke leave respectfully?

Since day 1, there was bound to be trouble. Rotnei Clarke’s dad resigned from his post at ORU to move to be with his son in Northwest Arkansas. Anywhere you see Rotnei, his dad usually is not far behind. This poses a huge problem for any individual that needs to become just that… individual.

All throughout his tenure at the University of Arkansas, we heard rumors and whispers that Clarke would be transferring. Every single rumor involved Clarke’s family in some way.

Now, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with family, I actually believe family is one of the most important things in life. However, becoming an INDIVIDUAL and blazing your own path is more important to me. Why should a 21 year old adult still be going to his parents for huge decisions?

Fast Forward to this past spring: Pelphrey was fired and Mike was hired. The consistency throughout coaching change? Rumors of Clarke leaving…….again. It has become such a ritual to hear rumors that I personally shrugged off the transfer rumor from Shawn Arnell.

Next thing we know, national media has quotes from Clarke himself claiming “I love the school and the fans,” Clarke added. “But I just don’t feel as though it’s the best fit for me basketball-wise — and it’s tough watching guys like Jeff and Glenn be able to go somewhere else, where I’m not able to.” –

After posting this article, the author John Goodman appeared on the radio in Arkansas to talk. He claims to have known Rotnei since his junior year of high school and is a good friend of the Clarke family. The only problem? Rotnei jumped over local media to attack Arkansas through national media. It was decided that it was in the best interests of Rotnei to go nation-wide with his complaints instead of keeping them in-house or even contacting the local media.

I have no problem with Rotnei, but when you attack my school through national sources about a situation that could be kept local or even in-house, things change.

You left with very little class and refused to acknowledge the fanbase that has supported you for the last 3 years. You felt it was in your best interest to ignore local media and go national with your comments (or complaints as I see them). Maybe you should take a step away from your family and become an individual. Just saying.

I understand that you feel it is in your “best interest” to move on, but it should also be in your “best interest” to keep a good reputation.

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