What if?: Arkansas Wearing American Flag Razorback Helmet

War Memorial Field already has the Red, White and Blue Razorback on the field, but many fans hope the players will wear one as well. Here are a few pictures of how the team might look IF they carry over the patriotic hog theme to the uniforms.

I made the images using TeamBuilder for NCAA Football 12. You can download the team wearing these uniforms using the team management link within the game on your xbox. Search for author “londonhogfan”.

The roster/uniform I made will be updated after seeing what the team wears in the New Mexico game on September 10th. I had planned on doing these after seeing what the Razorbacks wore in the game, but Next Generation Uniforms beat me to it. You can buy their “premium” design from their site for $25 which includes about 200 other uniforms.

click the pictures for a larger view. UNIS are updated to using the uniform above.

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I started Hog Database (originally called Razorback Legacy) in April 2005 as an Arkansas Razorback photo archive. It has grown into a site covering all aspects of Arkansas Football. Follow me on Google+ or on Twitter @HogDatabase.

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