Ole Piss: Houston Nutt Salary Revealed

Earlier this month, The Clarion Ledger in Oxford released the details surrounding Houston Nutt’s current salary with the Rebel Black Bear Ackbars. Apparently, Ole Miss is very well handcuffed to Nutt and for good reasons.

If Ole Miss was to fire Nutt after another horrendous season in 2011, they would owe him a total of $6 MILLION. It doesn’t stop there. In 2013, they would owe him $5 Million and in 2014, $4 Million. Talk about karma.

The success of the Ole Miss program has been staggering under Nutt. He has led the Rebel Black Bear Ackbars to two straight Cotton Bowls while posting an amazing 10-14 conference record. The total score in Egg Bowls is  95-72. Forget the fact he has lost 2 out of 3. It is all about moral victories, right?  He currently holds a new transfer QB, Barry Brunetti, from West Virginia. Brunetti, a former All-American prep star moved to be closer to his mother in Memphis, whom recently was involved in a car wreck.

Ole Miss AD Pete Boone claims to have struck an amazing contractual deal back in 2008 after Nutt led Ole Miss to a Cotton Bowl win. He claimed Auburn was “threatening” to steal Nutt en route to handcuffing him to Ole Miss for the next couple of years. Sound familiar?

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