Bobby Petrino: Will He Survive as Hog Head Coach?

Note: I never once agreed with those who attacked Nutt’s personal life. I understand the investigation surrounding that situation, however I believe we hire people to coach first and foremost.  

By now, you all know the story. Petrino lied about a female passenger, for obvious reasons known to us. This female passenger wasn’t just anybody. She was the student-athlete development coordinator recently hired on March 28th. Jeff Long was very commendable in answering questions during a late night interview with press. I have trust he will make a thorough investigation and make a difficult decision either way you cut it.

The moral issues are the main controversy at hand as well as the hiring of Dorrell. If Long’s investigation finds that “inappropriate relationships” occurred which induced the hiring of  Dorrell, then Petrino could be in store for some bad news. However, the overwhelming response is to the moral issue of the story. Why was Petrino having “inappropriate relationships” with Dorrell? What is the exact meaning of “inappropriate relationships”?

The National Media is having a blast with this story, mainly those located in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area of the universe. This is my take on things: we hired Petrino to be our coach, do we not offer second chances? Of course, this is given that no discrepancies are found regarding the actual hiring of Dorrell. There is also the fact that the negative publicity is taking a toll on many Arkansans who have enormous pride in their sports teams. I highly believe a few games suspension is in order as this could have all been avoided had the truth come out during the first press conference.

Petrino may not have many national friends, but he does have Razorback Nation and his family to lean on. Hopefully Hog Nation will realize that everyone makes mistakes and be willing to give him a second chance after punishing him correctly. He has not broken any NCAA or Conference rules like many others have done.

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