This Week’s SEC Power Poll Ballot

pollA few changes this week.  Kentucky had looked pretty good in their losses to top 10 teams, but couldn’t do anything against Mississippi State.  Ole Miss showed that they are not a top 25 team.  Houston Nutt proved once again that he will win one every year based on emotion (Florida, Arkansas) even when they are not the better team.

My ballot – Results are released on Wednesday.

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. LSU
4. Tennessee
5. South Carolina
6. Georgia
7. Arkansas
8. Auburn
9. Ole Miss
10. Mississippi State
11. Kentucky
12. Vanderbilt

1. Alabama (1)

2. Florida (2)

3. LSU (3)

4. Tennessee (6)

  • Made a big jump this weekend.  they show exactly how tough the SEC is.  A four loss team in this conference would probably be undefeated in another.

5. South Carolina (4)

6. Arkansas (9)

  • Could have hung 100 (63 through 3) on Eastern Michigan.  Lets hope this carries over to South Carolina similar.

7. Auburn (10)

  • Gus Malzahn went “High School” all over Houston Nutt

8. Ole Miss (8)

  • Will the spread work in the SEC?

9. Georgia (7)

  • Are they getting worse every week?

10. Mississippi State (11)

  • Crap… another team on the move.  It’s going to be hard to get a win next year.

11. Kentucky (5)

  • Crow.  I eats it.

12. Vanderbilt (12)

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