It’s an Honor !

As Arkansans we usually enjoy knowing that one of our own has done well. After all, when we’ve lived here long enough and been involved in any high school competitions and especially if we’ve attended an Arkansas college or university, it’s not difficult to know someone who knows these people.

Beyond the big names, Arkansans rise up to compete with the best. You might have heard about the Benton High School Girls who recently won a cheer competition in Dallas. Occasionally Little League teams will make noise through the regionals. You might have missed a local girl who holds a national age division water skiing jump record or maybe your grandpa never taught you about an Arkansan named “Amarillo Slim” who holds 4 WSOP bracelets.

For the most part, we’re a humble sort, which makes this all the more difficult. I write this, though, because you wouldn’t know otherwise.

At Jacob London’s invitation, I began writing here recently having posted only 5 entries so far on Hog Database before today. I’m not a veteran, but I’m not a rookie either. A little more than 2 years ago, I began blogging on It was my first shot at blogging anywhere.

I’ve written around 120 entries with 75% of them being about Arkansas Razorbacks’ men’s sports and the rest having a more SEC or, occasionally, a national focus. I’ve tried to make SharpTusk a voice that stands or falls on his own, regardless of who I am or am not.

This past Friday, other bloggers on recognized one of my entries as the

2009 Blog of the Year.

I’m proud and immensely humbled at the same time.

Here, though, it’s somewhat like starting over. I haven’t said much about myself, and you all don’t have to see the world the same as my counterparts on

I hope that my recognition on a national sports site will encourage you to take a look at my posts on Hog Database because whether it’s getting an award there or writing for Arkansas Fans, either way

It’s an Honor ! SharpTusk


EDIT: by Jacob

Because SharpTusk is too modest to link to it himself, I want everyone to see some the praise he has received from Bloggers around the country.  The research and preparation he puts into his work is truly impressive.

Announcing the Sporting News 2009 Blog Of The Year

…And I Wailed with Bon Scott

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SharpTusk is a featured blogger on Hog Database. He won "2009 Blog Of The Year" as voted by members of and has posts referenced by local and national sports writers. Sharp began writing about Arkansas Razorbacks Football during the coaching change in 2007 and hasn't stopped. He has an eye for interesting stats, and an occasional penchant for creative writing. He's sure to keep you coming back for more.

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