SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 5

This week provided plenty of movement as the SEC West beat up on the SEC East. Dating back to last season, the East has only beaten the West FOUR TIMES.

Here are our 5th week’s ballot.  Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama dominates Florida in the Swamp. Trent Richardson should  be talked about for Heisman.

Last Week:  Alabama 38 Florida 10

2. LSU Tigers

LSU heads on the road and thoroughly destroys Kentucky.

Last Week: LSU 35 Kentucky 7


3. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas slowly wears down A&M throughout the game. Tyler Wilson passed for 510 yards which is 5th All-time in SEC history, while Jarius Wright caught 13 passes for 281 yards and 2nd All-time in SEC History (only 12 yards shy of SEC record).

Last Week: Arkansas 42 Texas A&M 38


4. Auburn Tigers

Auburn surprises everyone by hammering South Carolina with their run game. Had 11 more minutes of possession than South Carolina.

 Last Week:  Auburn 16 South Carolina 13


5. South Carolina Gamecocks

Can Garcia make Lattimore and Jeffrey NOT look like NFL players? He is doing his best.

Last Week: South Carolina 13 Auburn 16

6. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia doesn’t look like a total crapshoot. Richt saves his job?

Last Week: Georgia 24 Miss St. 10

7. Florida Gators

Florida tried scoring early to make up for Alabama domination. Worst loss in Swamp in 9 years, ironically, also a loss to Nick Saban (LSU 2002).

Last Week: Florida 10 Alabama 38


8. Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols hire Buffalo to beat up on.

Last Week: Tennessee 41 Buffalo 10


9. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Miss St fans are about to jump off a cliff after starting the season hopeful. What happens when they play the SEC West?

Last Week: Miss St 10 Georgia  24


10. Vanderbilt Commodores


Last Week:  Bye

11. Kentucky Wildcats

Purely dominated by LSU. Unable to score until 4th Quarter when LSU started playing backups
Last Week: Kentucky 7 LSU 35

12 Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Ackbars

Ole Miss looks to be national championship bound after winning their first game of the season….at least Nutt would have you thinking so.

Last Week: Ole Miss 38 Fresno St. 28

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